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What I Learned From My 6 Year Old On The First Day Of School…

My baby.

The youngest of my three daughters.


Heading to grade 1 this year (full days – all week!) and who’s anxious? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t her.

Is she going to be tired? She naps still sometimes in the afternoon!

What if she’s hungry during the day? She can’t snack every five minutes like she does at home!

What if she she’s scared, lost, tired, sad, lonely, homesick? Ah!

There are a million things that I could worry about on her behalf. But why and to what end? What does this accomplish?

As I see her dressed and ready to head to school in the morning. Sporting a giant smile on her face and a determined look in her eyes.

Wearing the new outfit and shoes she picked out (Without my input of course).

Lunch kit tucked away in her backpack – that is slung over her shoulders (looking ridiculously heavy for such a tiny thing to haul).

I realize – I am not giving her enough credit! (And perhaps not giving myself enough credit either) What have the last 6 years been for? She’s been preparing for this moment her entire life! As well – I have been preparing her, for this moment her entire life!

Little girl on a swing in the mountain landscape

So why am I not giving her the credit she deserves? Well… She’s my baby for one thing. Doesn’t it seem like they are always so much younger than their older sibling was, at the same age? Can she really be ready?

Lets face it there are a million things to worry about for our kids – however, I realized the first morning of her first day of grade 1 – that she has got this! I just need to take a few deep breaths.

Yes, she may be hungry, or tired, or scared. But she’s her own human being. She has got a big beautiful brain in her head, ready to navigate any situation that she’ll come across.

At the end of the day she’ll come home and tell me all the exciting things that happened to her, and be proud of herself for being able to handle them on her own. Independently.

Yup. My baby is now independent. Ready to face the obstacles and adventures this world has to offer her.

How pleasantly surprised I was, to take a step back. Take a few deep breaths. Allow her the freedom to – just be.

And I couldn’t be more proud!

I have learned today that just because she’s MY baby – doesn’t mean shes still A baby.

It’s just uncommon sense!


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