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The Laughter Experience

Recently I went on a stroll in the evening with my husband. Something happened during this stroll (the details on what actually occurred aren’t important to this post) but it made me think…


What would you call a shared experience with your husband in which you bond in an authentic, exposed, and vulnerable way?

(What did you think I was going to say?)

But wait… Not just any old kind of laughter!

The kind of laughter where you start making bodily sounds through orifices of your body that you never realized could produce those sounds.

Where you can’t catch your breath and you end up bent over with one hand on your thigh and the other waving frantically in the air trying to get the other person to stop.

Laughter in which you literally might bust a gut or more likely (especially after having three kids naturally) have tears running down your legs!

A kind of laughter that for days, weeks and even years later – you burst out in a giggling fit at the mere thought of it!

None of this “LOL” garbage or “LMAO” or even if it’s serious “LMFAO”. I’m talking about real laughter from the depths of your being.

Laughter with such unabated force that you can literally feel joy ripple through you – right down to your soul.

After it’s done you feel like you’ve just completed a full body cleanse and a great core workout!

Let’s call it what it is…

It’s a laughtergasm!

You know when you’ve reached it.


This type of laughter cannot be manufactured – its always spontaneously unexpected. That is why these experiences are so especially rare and should be cherished as such.

It’s a fantastic reminder that this person which you just shared a laughtergasm with is someone whom you are completely vulnerable with as you expose your authentic self. Enhancing the love between one another in a form not many other ways can.

Laughter is the best medicine and therapy.

It’s just uncommon sense.


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