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Who is The Uncommon Sense Mom? 

Welcome to My “Uncommon Sense Mom” Blog!


I’m Jen. Here’s a snippet of my life…

Married for 15 Years – Sometimes I shake my head in wonder that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. How did I get so lucky? or Blessed? I don’t know. But my husband is the one person who pushes me to be a better me, to grow, to learn, to laugh. He has a genuine love for people that I often lack – I love that about him. We have three amazing daughters together, all unique in their own ways.


Live in Southern Alberta, Canada – Born and raised – Best place on earth! Right here in Nowhereville, Alberta – with the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises, mountains only a short drive away, what else could you ask for?


Live with Multiple Sclerosis – I’m doing the best I can to not allow it to kick my ass. Learning a lot about what healthy living, nutrition, supplements and how an over all functional way to approach this auto-immune disease can help keep it at bay. I don’t pretend to know everything, but it’s a journey. I might look back at today and laugh at my limited knowledge – in fact – I hope I do! The stage I am at with MS is RRMS or relapsing remitting – with “episodes” coming and going without rhyme or reason. I’m lucky – it’s in the early stage, which gives me motivation and encouragement to do what I can to slow the progression. I’m finding out – contrary to common doctors opinions – that there are actual ways to do this – and if down the road I found out I’m wrong… well, at least I’ve tried my best and not given up.


Christian – First things first, let me get this off my chest – I have no place in my life for religion. I immensely dislike it in fact! Religion is not relationship. If you have a problem with me being real about that and I don’t fit into your “Christian” mold – Let me just state, as I wave my proverbial hand in front of your face, “This is not the blog you’re looking for…” (Another juicy tid-bit about me – my husband is a huge Star Wars geek. I get a lot of quotes from him. Alright its not an exact quote – but it’ll do).


Graphic Designer – When I look back and realize I have enjoyed one particular activity for decades – It makes me feel a teenie bit old. This is the case with me and graphic design – which I have been at for almost two decades. I especially love any design projects destined for print. Check out some of my past work here – Jen’s Portfolio


I Love Lists… any and all kinds. Actually, maybe this blog is just one giant list – allowing me to categorize my thoughts!


And last but not least – My super power is that I think of the easiest solution to a problem and implement it – I call it uncommon sense! It’s my approach to life.

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